Pottery: black-figured epinetron (thigh-guard used in wool working). Designs on panels, with accessories of purple and white. Between the panels is a narrow band of palmettes, with wider bands of incised scale-pattern each side. At the upper end, rays; at the lower, lotus-buds. (a) Symposion (the design twice repeated): Dionysos reclining on a couch, bearded, with long hair, ivy-wreath, embroidered himation, left arm on a cushion. He is turned to left, conversing with Ariadne, who is seated to right on an okladias; she has long hair, fillet, long chiton, and embroidered himation. In the group on the left Ariadne is seated on a block, and two garments are suspended above; in the other, two wreaths are suspended, and Dionysos raises right arm. (b) On the left, two women confronted, each seated on an okladias; they have long hair, fillets, long chitons and himatia with purple spots; between them is a basket (?), from which the one on the right has just removed the lid (?); the other holds her left hand over the basket; behind her is another basket. On the right a similar pair confronted over a basket, from which the one on the left pulls wool. In the field above are four garments suspended. At the end of the tile is a female head in relief, with long hair and sphendonè (headband), as on last.

An00015031 001 l


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classical deity, wool production
incised, painted
Black figure


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