Pottery: red-figured kylix. Interior: Altar of Apollo. Apollo, beardless, with long wavy hair, a laurel wreath, and an himation around his legs, is seated to right on a diphros, playing on a large kithara, and holding out in his right a fluted phiale: the kithara is attached to his left wrist with a broad sash decorated with ivy-leaves (?). On the right, half seen, is a blazing altar, in form of an Ionic column, with necking of egg pattern. Exterior: (a) A woman in a long-sleeved chiton, himation, and saccos, moves to right with left hand on her hip, holding out in her right an oinochoe, as if to pour into a phiale which a bearded, wreathed man on right holds out to her. He has a long sceptre leaning against his left shoulder, and wears a long-sleeved talaric chiton and himation. On the left, a youth, wreathed, and wearing an himation, holding upright a sceptre in his left, and extending a fluted phiale in his right. Between him and the woman is a slender Ionic column with architrave; behind him hang a pair of sandals. On the left of the bearded man hang a pair of tablets rolled up, with a stylus fastened in the bands: at each of the lower corners hangs a triple tie. (b) Here apparently the same three figures are engaged, but part of each is missing. Of the youth on left only the feet and the ends of his himation and the legs of the chair in which he is sitting to right are preserved. The woman confronts him, raising both hands apparently, with a gesture of surprise; she wears a fillet with trefoil ends; her face and right arm are missing. Behind her is the column as in a. The bearded man on the right stands en face, but looking to left with right hand on hip, left holding sceptre upright; his sceptre is striated. On the right is a trace of an object (a sandal ?) hanging up, which is almost entirely broken away. Purple tuning pegs of lyre, flames, wreaths in exterior, fillets, cords of tablets and of sandals. Eye in transition stage (in interior, the eyelids are in profile; the eyeball is drawn as a dot in a semicircle). Around the interior, a band of running maeander. Below the exterior, a thin red line. Below the handles a palmette. The exergue in the interior is left red.

An00015018 001 l


Made Of
Type of Thing
religious object, musician, classical deity
Red figure


Acquired From
Hartwig, Paul to The British Museum


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In Gallery
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