Pottery: red-figured calyx krater (bowl for mixing wine and water). Designs red on black ground, with white (and modern green) accessories; reverse rather worn. Above the designs, laurel-wreath; below, (a) a pattern of volutes, (b) a band of phialae, and dots. (a) Scene from a Phlyax play; the contest of Ares and Hephaestos in the presence of Hera: The contest is represented as taking-place on a stage, on the front of which hang two wreaths; it is approached by a stair of six steps. In the centre is Hera seated half-turned to left, looking to right, in a chair with a row of palmettes along the top of the back-rail, carved legs, and arm-rests with Ionic caps: her feet rest on a footstool. She has long hair, stephane, bracelets, long transparent chiton with looped-up sleeves, bordered himation over her knees, sandals, and lotos-sceptre in right hand; above her is incised: HHPA, Ήρα. On the left is Daidalos, wearing cap apparently made of basket-work and surmounted by a sprig, short chiton padded in front, under-garment with sleeves and anaxyrides tied at the knees, shoes, and shield on left arm, hurling spear with right hand; he wears a mask with snub nose and protruding lips; above him is incised: ΔΑΙΔΑΛΟΣ, Δαίδαλος. On the right is Enyalios, with curls, helmet with crest and two plumes, short girt chiton, padded stomach and phallos, anaxyrides tied at knees, greaves, sandals, shield on left arm with modern device of a star-fish encircled by tendrils; he moves away, turning back to thrust with his spear ; above him is incised: ΕΝΕΥΑΛΙΟΣ, Ένενάλιος. A thong or cord is twisted round the butt-end of the spear. Above hangs a mirror, and on the right side of it a phiale and a bucranion with chaplet; on the left, a bucranion and a pomegranate. (b) Offerings at a stele: On the left is a female figure to right, with hair gathered under a cap radiated in front and open behind, bracelets, long girt chiton fastened with fibula on right shoulder, and thyrsos in right hand; in left she holds out a pyxis full of flowers and sprigs to a youthful male figure confronting her. He wears a fillet, and holds a large branch in left hand and a wreath in right, and stands on a slight eminence; his figure has been repainted and restored as a female figure in a long chiton. Between them is a stele with cap in the shape of a palmette (modern) and plinth, above which two courses of masonry are marked in modern paint. On either side of the youth is a plant; above hang a ball marked with a cross, and an embroidered taenia; the ground is indicated by a line of dots.

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theatre/theatrical life, classical mythology, classical deity
Red figure


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Apulian (Greek)

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