Pottery: red-figured neck-amphora. (a) Zeus striding to right hurling thunderbolt; in left he holds his sceptre across his body; he is bearded and has long hair floating back on his right arm, one lock falling on chest. He wears a long sleeved chiton and himation, leaving right shoulder free, and a fillet. The sceptre has a pointed butt and lotus top. The thunderbolt is in the form of two lotos buds united by a narrow bar. (b) Semele? A woman running to right, looking back with gestures of fear, her left raised, her right extended to left; she wears sleeved chiton, himation, and bracelets; hair looped up and bound with a fillet. On the bottom of the foot an incised character B. Strong style. Purple fillet of Zeus, bracelets, and flames of thunderbolt; brown inner markings, upper folds of chiton, and ends of hair. Eye in a in transition; in b archaic, with both angles open. Lower folds of drapery in groups of four. Below each side, a strip of ornament, pairs of maeander set in alternate directions and separated by red cross and dotted cross squares.

An00007597 001 l


Made Of
Type of Thing
mythical figure/creature, classical deity
Red figure


Acquired From
Blacas d'Aulps to The British Museum
Semele, Zeus/Jupiter
Likely / Unlikely (?)
Attributed to Berlin Painter


Found In
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