Marble slab of the Amazon frieze of the Mausoleum of Halikarnassos. It represents combats between Greeks and Amazons. This slab is in poor condition. It shows three figures, two Greeks and an Amazon, and a figure carved across the join between two slabs (1007 and 1008), an Amazon. On the left an Amazon, who is on the slab join, is in combat with a Greek, thought to be Iolaos or Telamon. She swings back to left. Her right arm is raised, probably preparing to strike with a spear. She thrusts her shield at her opponent. He draws back with his right arm raised over his head, about to strike with his sword. He holds his shield, which retains traces of an inscription carved in the medieval period, covering his torso. The Amazon wears a chiton over a sleeved tunic, trousers and shoes and holds a shield. Her hair is waved back and covers the nape of her neck. The Greek wears a chiton and chlamys and a scabbard hangs by his left side. To the right a Greek is about to strike an Amazon, who has fallen on both knees. His right arm, holding a club, is raised behind his head. With his left hand he seizes the Amazon by her hair. Her arms are both raised behind her head in an attempt to detach his hands. The Greek wears a large feline skin over his shoulders, knotted under his chin and hanging down behind his body. The club and feline skin identify him as Herakles. The Amazon wears a double-belted chiton, leaving her right breast bare, and chlamys and a quiver, that hangs down her left side. She may be identified as Hippolyte. The weapons were attached in metal, carved or may have been painted. Slab 1008 is part of a sequence that continues on slabs 1007 and 1010.

An00007529 001 l


Acquired From
'Abd al-Majid to The British Museum
Iolaos, Herakles/Hercules, Hippolyte
Found, Excavated, Collected By
Stratford de Redcliffe
Pytheos of Priene


Found In
Mausoleum, Castle of St Peter
In Gallery


Acquired In
Classical Greek

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