Part of the second frieze, which is the upper, smaller frieze at top of the podium of the Nereid monument. It represents various phases of military campaigns. This slab shows the view of a city. On the far left the upper part of a warrior, wearing helmet and cuirass, is seen making an aggressive gesture to the right with his raised hand. He stands between the outer wall and an inner tower. A figure in the tower leans over to speak to a group of soldiers below him within the battlemented wall. These five warriors appear to be engaged in a discussion with the soldier in the tower. Each soldier is equipped with a helmet and shield. Further right is another tower (in poor condition) standing in front of the battlemented wall. The city walls end on the right. Outside the walls a figure in Persian head-dress and tunic leads a saddled horse. In the background some rising ground partially obscures a few figures. The lowest of these figures raises his hand. He is preceded by a figure carrying a shield. The weapons may have been painted. This slab is a part of the monument as reconstructed.

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In Series
The Nereid Monument
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Found, Excavated, Collected By
Fellows, Charles


Found In
Nereid Monument
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Classical Greek

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