Pottery Panathenaic amphora. Designs black on red panels, with accessories of purple, white and buff; obverse archaistic. On the neck, double honeysuckle pattern. (a) Athene standing to left between two Doric columns, with right leg and right arm drawn back, brandishing spear, shield on left arm with device of a star; she has a high-crested helmet (peak, cheek-pieces turned up, plume with purple edge), and aegis with scales, borders of maeander above and chevron on the right side, fringe of snakes in front; chiton half-way down the leg, with diploidion tied at the waist and falling in strips, on the sleeve a star-pattern. The chiton is embroidered with white rosettes and has purple borders; along the bottom is a broad border with a frieze between two bands of wave-pattern, on which are six figures (painted in white) dancing, three on the right to right, and three on the left to left, with drapery to the knees. Athene also has long hair, earrings, necklace and armlets; the white throughout the design is touched up with buff. On each column is a cockrel turned towards Athene; down the side of the left column is an inscription, in letters at right angles to the column. (b) Chariot-race: A quadriga at full speed turned half to right, the charioteer bearded, with short rough hair; he has a long white chiton with purple border and girdle, and holds one pair of reins in each hand, in right the goad. The harness of the horses is ornamented with white dots; the foremost has one foot advanced beyond a white stele (marker), which represents the finish-line.

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