Pottery: black-figured neck-amphora. Below the designs, lotus-buds between two bands of maeander. (a) Heracles seizing the Keryneian stag: In the centre is Heracles to right, with lion's skin tied round the waist, and short purple chiton, seizing the stag, which stands before him to right; he grasps its right antler, and holds the left antler, which he has broken off, in left hand. Behind him is Athene to right, with long tresses, high-crested helmet with cheek-pieces, long chiton, and striped himation; she holds up his sword in left hand. Facing Heracles is Artemis, with long hair, fillet, long striped chiton with diploidion, in right hand a bow and arrow. (b) In the centre a warrior to right, with visored helmet, short striped chiton, cuirass, and shield from the middle of which a snake stands out in very high relief. Facing him is a female figure with long tresses, fillet, long striped chiton and diploidion with girdle. Behind him, a beardless male figure to right, with long hair, long chiton and striped himation.

An00020314 001 l


Made Of
Type of Thing
classical deity, warrior
incised, painted
Black figure


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Attic, Archaic Greek

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