Bronze vessel of the type called hu. The wine vessel, covered by a bright grey-green patina and heavily repaired, is decorated in four registers. The prominent register on the belly consists of a large taotie with enormous eyes, both at the front and the back, the body of which is clearly discernible against the dense background of spirals and quills (called leiwen; decoration in Style IV). Creatures with similarly discernible bodies centred on eyes can be seen on the bottom-most register on the slightly outward sloping foot-ring consisting of a narrow band bordered by two bands of circles. The creatures in the two top registers have long bodies and trunk-like noses. The background leiwen intaglio lines are filled with a black substance emphasising the contrasts in the decoration. A lid, which is now lost, would have been attached to the body through the two lugs.

An00006188 001 l


Made Of
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Found In
In Gallery
G33/Ch/case5, 01 Feb 1993


Acquired In
12thC BC, circa
Anyang, Shang dynasty

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