Pen-box, made of blue, white painted and glazed pottery. The pen box is in the form of a 13th-14th century Mesopotamian or Near Eastern inlaid brass prototype with a rectangular body of square section, with rounded ends and a recessed base. The interior with a lobed opening and two small integral ceramic inkpots. It is painted in tones of underglaze cobalt blue after an early Ming imitation of the Islamic metal original. The sides bear a pseudo-inscription in knotted foliated Kufic (recalling distantly, "al-shif", or similar combinations) against an arabesque of meandering foliage between narrow cable bands. The rounded ends with panels of symmetrical split-palmette reserved against a brushed and dotted cobalt ground. The top with a knot motif surrounded by leaves and a lobed oblong cartouche with a naïve naskhi inscription "Nasr min Allah wa fath qarib" (part of Quaran, LXI, 13) painted in reserve. The base with cloud scrolls amongst undulating foliate stems. The interior with cable bands and a lozenge diaper. The ink pots with small silver mounts, one still with its cover. Lid missing and replaced by coarsely engraved beaten silver sheet bearing a tughra of Selim (evidently Selim III, 1789-1807).

An00018939 001 l


Made Of
silver, pottery
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painted, glazed


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