Mummy of a man, aged 23-30. Skull - Mouth closed. Artificial eyes inserted in the orbits. On the neck, an amulet in the form of a scarabaeus with open wings. Thorax and Abdomen - No fractures. The dorsal and lumbar intervertebral discs are partially opaque. There is a dense mass in the upper right zone of the thorax, probably sand or mud mixed with resin. The four parcels of viscera usually found in the body-cavity are absent; probably the embalmer neglected to insert them. Subcutaneous packing is visible in the shoulders and all over the body-wall, both anterior and posterior. Arms - Extended. Hands with extended fingers converging over the pubic area. Legs - No fractures, dislocations, or lines of arrested growth noted. The legs and feet are filled with packing material from the gluteal region to the dorsum of the feet. The feet are inverted so that the soles are facing one another. Between the legs, and in the thoracic region are scattered cylindrical beads, probably from a string necklace or bracelet the thread of which has been broken. Wooden anthropoid inner-coffin of Neswedjat: with inlaid eyes. The entire surface, both inside and out, has been plastered and covered with religious images and texts. The goddess Nut spreads her wings over the breat, and the lower compartments of the lid are occupied by deities who offer protection in speeches which are inscibed along their figures: the Four Sons of Horus, Horus himself, Geb, and two forms of Anubis. Two large 'wedjat' eyes and a figure of Isis complete the designs of the lid, whilse the back is entirely covered by inscriptions. These are rather long-winded and repetitive versions of the 'hotep-di-nesu' offering formula. Inside are further images and texts, brightly painted on white and yellow backgrounds. Directly before the mummy's face is a scene showing the heart on a standard, protected by two deities. The corresponding area behind the head shows another two deities, unidentified, and before and behind the feet are images of Isis and Nephthys, their hands raised in a gesture of lamentation. The coffin contained the mummy of young man wrapped in linen.

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