Serpentinite figure of Amenhotep III: the king stands with his left leg forward, his proper right hand holding a crook against his shoulder, and his left arm at his side. He wears a large collar necklace and a kilt that reaches to the knees in back but is wrapped forward above the knees. Down the front of the kilt hangs a panel, apparently of beadwork, with a pendant cobra and a pair of ribbons at either side. The belt, worn high at the back, dips low in front to accommodate the king's girth. The head has been completely broken away. The back pillar, which would have extended halfway up the head, is largely intact, but its inscription has been almost completely erased. Only the beginning of a standard offering prayer can still be seen at the top and, faintly, the king's name at the bottom. What kind of crown Amenhotep III was wearing is something of a puzzle. The crown most frequently represented on his statuettes is a blue crown; but Amenhotep's version of the blue crown had streamers at the back. On the stone statuettes, they were represented in relief on the negative space behind each shoulder, but they are not indicated here. The other headdress frequently represented on small figures of Amenhotep III is a double crown, set on top of a short, round wig. On these statuettes, however, the back pillar rises to about the same height as the tall crown.Since this wig went with the double crown and would not have been shown separately, the best guess for this statuette would seem to be that it wore a blue crown that for some reason was not accessorized.

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Salt, Henry to The British Museum
Amenhotep III
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Amenhotep III


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18th Dynasty

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