Neck and part of the upper body a Chian transport amphora of pink pottery. One of the handles between the neck and shoulder is complete but the other one is broken off short at the bottom. The exterior bears an incised five-pointed star at the top of the shoulder. A broken piece of the jar has been re-attached with a modern copper staple. The mouth is sealed with plaster bearing the impressed nomen of Amasis. There are a total of 16 impressions (including partial ones), but they were not all applied in the same sealing operation, as some have been applied above others on a secondary layer of plaster. Parts of three impressions from the first level can be seen.

An00159326 001 l


Found In
Tell Dafana
In Gallery
G13/7, 25 Mar 2014
Made In


Acquired In
550 BC - 525 BC
Archaic Greek, 26th Dynasty, East Greek, Hellenistic

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