Granodiorite block-statue of Sennefer: no personal details other than the face and hands were carved, and this concentrates attention on the serene face of Sennefer, superbly carved and polished. The quality of the carving of the body is in sharp contrast to the rather roughly scratched hieroglyphs that make up the text on the front and base. Sennefer wears a long wig, short beard and long garment, and is represented in a squatting position of a pedestal, with his arms crossed over his knees. The text is incised in fourteen horizontal lines on the front of the dress, in two vertical columns, one on each side of the upper surface of the pedestal, and in five horizontal lines on the front of the pedestal. Apart from slight damage at the base of the pedestal and minor abrasions, the text and figure are in a perfect state of preservation.

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